Field Scouting

Integrated Pest Management is an ever more cru-
cial part of agriculture today. Using the latest tech-
nologies, Nutrien Ag Solutions offers in-depth
comprehensive field and crop scouting
as a service available to you.
Nutrien Ag Solutions scouts precisely assess
pest pressure and crop per-
formance, evaluating economic risks from pest in-
festations and disease that may arise on your farm,
as well as determining the potential effectiveness
of pest and disease control treatments.
Nutrien Ag Solutions staff is
well equipped with the latest tools and technology
available to increase the effectiveness of crop
scouting, including, GPS, aerial and satellite imag-
ery, geo-referencing and images captured in your
fields to precisely locate and evaluate how issues
may impact your crop. All of the technology allows
Nutrien Ag Solutions to offer a professional service to help you stay
up to date and aware of potential problems that
affect your bottom line, allowing you to make real
time decisions that can make a big difference come